Why Granite is the Best Kitchen Counter Material

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kitchen counterThe beauty of granite is one of its biggest reasons people cite using it for their kitchen counters, but the reality is while it is true that granite is beautiful, it is also perhaps the best material overall. It is hard working, durable, and retains value incredibly well. When you are doing a kitchen renovation or renewal, here are some things to consider about granite that make it perfect for you.
Yes, Granite is Beautiful
Granite is gorgeous to look at. Ranging in colour classifications of Black, White, Azul, Green, Rose and Copper/Gold, the options for your home are truly plentiful. The natural elegance of a style and complementary colours naturally evolving within the piece speak to the beauty of our earth and bring some of that to our daily lives. Light accents and deep tones shine through each piece when the light hits them creating a sparkle that is magical. It truly is the most amazing piece of stone available for a kitchen countertop.
It is Incredible Sturdy
Granite is heat and fire resistant, which makes it perfect for the kitchen. Placing a hot pan or pot on it will not cause any damage or discolouration. It can also be used as a cutting board as it does not scratch easily. It is easily cleaned, and with a little sealer and some general care, the beautiful surface can be maintained indefinitely.
Your Piece is One of a Kind
The truth of granite is that each piece is uniquely your own. There will never be a piece exactly like yours, with the same colours, patterns and textures. This adds some serious appeal to your kitchen as it is essentially building in a unique piece of art that is incredibly functional.
Retains Value Incredibly Well
If you plan to sell your home one day, you can be assured that the investment you make in your granite countertop will remain. In fact, if you select the right granite for your kitchen, the value of your home can actually increase above the purchase price of the granite. In 2009, an article by Jan Slagell found that granite countertops could add 10 per cent to the resale value of your home.
Granite Does Require Some Upkeep
Although granite is beautiful, resilient and strong; it still does need you to be do some basic maintenance to help it retain its beauty. The surface is slightly porous so for starters, you should clean spills as soon as possible. Again, due to the pores, it is recommended to seal it annually. Lastly, just because granite is so strong, you should not be using it as a worktable. Generally though, treat it like the gem that it is and it will last for as long as you live in the home.
Granite is an incredible investment that you should make for your home. It is a one of a kind beautiful item that holds up incredibly well and is scratch, heat and stain resistant. It retains its value very well and with some maintenance can last for as long as you live in the home.